Garrett County Government - Department of Business Development
Financial Incentives

Veteran-Owned Businesses

Maryland has programs available to assist Veteran-owned businesses, as well as the businesses that hire veterans.
Those programs include: 


Hire our Veterans Tax Credit

The Hire our Veterans Tax Credit provides a State income tax credit to small businesses for hiring qualified veterans based on wages paid to those veteran employees.


Military Personnel and Veteran-Owned Small Business Loan Program

The Military Personnel and Veteran-Owned Small Business Loan Program provides no interest loans ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 for businesses owned by military reservists, veterans, National Guard personnel, and for small businesses that employ or are owned by such persons.


Veteran Owned Small Business and Maryland State Procurement

Each Maryland state agency must structure its procurement procedures to try to achieve an overall minimum of 1% of its total dollar value of procurement contracts to be made up directly or indirectly from veteran-owned small businesses. Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs for details on qualifying and more.
Visit Maryland's Department of Veterans Affairs to see what other State programs are available for Veterans.