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Online Sales & Telework Assistance COVID-19 Relief Grant Program  - Round 2:



Approved applicants will receive an IRS Form 1099-G, which will detail the grant award, from the Board of County Commissioners for Garrett County, Maryland at the end of calendar year 2021.
Garrett County Government has secured grant funds from the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund (MEDAAF) to be used to provide grants to businesses that have incurred expenses to establish or expand online sales and/or telework during COVID (after March 2020). Garrett County businesses have been earmarked to receive approximately $23,721 of these funds in Round 2.
To be eligible for a grant under this program, an applicant must:
  • Be a for-profit business with a physical location in Garrett County;
  • Have incurred expenses to establish or expand online sales and/or employee telework after March 2020;
  • Have been established and in operation prior to March 9, 2020;
  • Currently be in operation;
  • Be in good standing with Garrett County Government and the State of Maryland with NO outstanding taxes, fees, or other charges;
  • Be registered to conduct business within the State of Maryland with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation; AND
  • Have a current Garrett County Business License, if required by law.

Grant Awards:
  • Approved applicants may receive up to $5,000 in grant funding for eligible expenses incurred.
  • Grant funding will be allocated based on the number of eligible applications received.  Each application will be reviewed by a Grant Review Committee to determine the actual grant amount for each applicant based on the application, supporting financial statements, and available funds.
  • Businesses that have not already received a COVID-19 Business Relief Grant or Loan from the Maryland Department of Commerce or a grant from the Maryland Department of Labor for the purchase of equipment to assist in the expansion of opportunities for telework will receive priority consideration for grant funding.
  • Businesses that do not have more than 20 total employees (including part-time employees), excluding the owner, will receive priority consideration for grant funding.
Nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, real estate holding companies, independent contractors, including realtors, hair stylists, multi-level marketing, etc., and national/regional chains and publicly traded companies/franchises are NOT ELIGIBLE for these grant funds. 
For additional information or for assistance, please contact Kim Durst at (301) 334-1992 or